Custom Blends

Customise your blend

As feeding practises have evolved within New Zealand, GrainCorp Feeds has worked hard to deliver customised feed solutions suitable for all farm systems.

Rather than offering a standard range of silo feeds, GrainCorp Feeds works alongside dairy farmers to help meet on-farm production, reproduction, performance and profitability goals by incorporating high quality feeds and the latest technical support tools designed to drive economic returns, whilst maximising pasture utilisation.

We understand that every farm is different and each herd has different requirements. Our team specialises in assessing each farm situation, and utilising our comprehensive range of products, along with our specialised feed planning tools, to recommend the right blend situation. Our range of blended feed options include not only bulk fed ingredients, but importantly, a range of specialised additives, such as lime, magnesium, salt, trace minerals, yeasts, bypass fats and more, not only to drive production, but to support a healthy and productive herd.

Once we make a recommendation, we continually monitor results, to ensure we can continue to balance the diet according to pasture quality & availability, and home other home grown feed inputs. Ultimately, GrainCorp feeds partners with customers to help make proactive and profitable feeding decisions.

Blending options

Protein Based

Starch Based