In-shed feeding, On Farm Seminar

Get-off farm for a couple of hours and join GrainCorp Feeds and Nutritechs’ Louise Salter (Technical Service Manager SI) to learn some practical tips around how to maximise returns from in-shed feeding.

Topics to be covered:

• Set your goals – Production and reproduction.
• How can you fine tune your cow performance with in-shed feeding?
• Protein, starch, energy, fibre, and how they complement pasture utilisation, margin & feed conversion
• Additives & Molasses, the key focus and benefits through mating.

Time: 11.00am – 1.00 (lunch provided)

North Canterbury

 7th June 2022

Ben and Heather Peak – Southern Peak Dairies
500 Browns Road, Eyrewill Forest, DS 1884


 8th June 2022

Craigmore North Otago Dairies.
Pinehill Dairy, 300 Pinehill Road, Oamaru. DS 36199


 9th June 2022

L & S Hammond
Brett Baird (Contract Milker)
Falconer Road, Dacre, DS 32272