Transition Pellet

GrainCorp Animal Nutrition has developed a Transition Pellet to help farmers set up their cows for the milking season. The Transition period is a critical period for the dairy cow which covers the 4 weeks before and after calving. While relatively new to the industry, getting Transition nutrition right has been shown to improve cow health, milk production, and reproduction during the course of the season. Good Transition feeding helps improve rumen function, improve metabolism, boost immune function, and reduce the incidence of milk fever and other metabolic diseases such as ketosis, retained fetal membrane, and lameness which in turn reduces cost and lifts seasonal profitability significantly.

Developed to be fed at 2kg per cow per day, for the 3 weeks pre-calving, each 2kg of the GrainCorp Transition Pellet contains a 200 gram dose of NutriMin® Springer Cow Balancer – HiMag. This product helps lower the DCAD of the diet for optimal Transition nutrition. NutriMin® Springer cow Balancer is also available as a standalone product.

Each 2kg of the GrainCorp Transition Pellet:

• Lowers DCAD by -2240 mEq

• Provides target levels of magnesium and calcium through the inclusion of magnesium sulfate and calcium sulfate

• Contains organic copper, selenium, and chromium to increase absorption and safety margin

• Contains Vitamins A, D, and E for improved immunity and colostrum quality

• Contains chromium for improved energy transfer.

Also provides:

• Calcium 6g         

• Iodine 10mg 

•Selenium 5mg

• Vitamin D 3,500iu 

• Cobalt 10mg

• Magnesium 15.5g 

• Zinc 400mg

• Vitamin E 100mg

• Chromium 10mg

• Mangabese 100mg

• Vitamin E 100mg

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GrainCorp Animal Nutrition offers a range of non-GM feed options, including molasses, high protein canola meal, high starch pellets, and fibre pellets. If you need non-GM feeds, GrainCorp Animal Nutrition has a range of options to consider.

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