Pro Cow Blends

This range delivers a cost effective, balanced palm kernel and molasses based animal feed. Having developed unique mixing techniques for blending liquid feeds and macro minerals with palm kernel, GrainCorp Feeds bring you a range of feed products which give the benefit of low cost, combined with enhanced digestibility. In addition, molasses can help rumen function, which improves feed conversion.


Pro Cow 30 combines 30% molasses with PKE, salt and lime for enhanced digestibility, improved feed conversion and better animal health. Cows love the taste of Pro Cow 30, ensuring rapid uptake. Pro Cow 30 has shown benefits in both milk production and body condition.


Similar to Pro Cow 30, Pro Cow 15 offers a lower cost blend which includes 15% molasses, PKE, salt and lime. Pro Cow 15 provides a higher nutritional value than straight PKE plus offers the added benefits associated with salt and lime.


Pro Cow 20NL (No Lime) has been developed as a safe feed for pre-calving cows.Containing a proven combination of PKE and Molasses, Pro Cow 20NL offers superior nutritional value to PKE alone while incorporating the benefits associated with feeding Molasses. An ideal alternative to straight PKE pre calving.

Nutritional Benefits:

• The addition of Molasses to the Pro Cow range ensures no dust, and exceptional palatability whilst providing high levels of fermentable energy. The Molasses also helps the digestion of the total diet (grass included) when compared to feeding palm kernel alone.

• With high fermentable energy levels, the Pro Cow range can help increase appetite and drive rumen function for improved body condition and increased milk production.

• AgResearch trials show as little as 51% of PKE is generally utilised by the cow. Adding Molasses has shown to improve PKE digestibility by up to 37% (relative percentage) improving feed conversion efficiency and utilisation by the animal.

• The inclusion of salt and lime provide the animal with essential nutrients for optimal production and health.

Estimated Nutrient Analysis- Bulk Dry Blends

titlePro Cow 30Pro Cow 15Pro Cow 20NL
DM (%)888887
Protein (%)151515
ME (MJ)111111
Fat (%)556
NDF (%)434750
Calcium (%)2.142.140
Sodium (%)0.780.780