Starch Based

Our range of starch-based products can help provide more carbohydrates, especially during spring months when pastures are already naturally higher in protein.



Feed Grade Oat Pellet (FGO) consists of oats & wheat, and offers high energy and starch levels, combined with good levels of protein, in a concentrated, pelleted form, ensuring the FGO Pellet is suitable for a large range of applications throughout the year, either in blends or on its own.


Oat Hull Pellet (OHP) is manufactured using oat residue from the processing of rolled oats. OHP is a lower cost pelletised feed which offers medium starch, protein and energy levels. OHP is a cost-effective source of fibre and can fit into most feeding regimes.


GrainCorp Animal Nutrition has access to a range of locally grown, energy dense, high starch grains which can be supplied direct to farm or added to blended feeds. The range of grains available varies by region and availability.


Tapioca Pellet is a rapidly digestible starch source containing little protein and medium levels of energy. Due to its rapid rate of digestibility, Tapioca must be fed in controlled feeding environments at relatively low percentages and as such is ideally suited for inclusion in blended feeds.

Estimated Nutrient Analysis- Starch Options

titleFGOOHP Kibbled MaizeTapioca
DM (%)90908990
Protein (%)10-126-893
ME (MJ)12.5-13.510.5-11.513.612.5
Fat (%)3-53-440
NDF (%)20-2545-551015

* Some products may not be available in certain regions.

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GrainCorp Animal Nutrition offers a range of non-GM feed options, including molasses, high protein canola meal, high starch pellets, and fibre pellets. If you need non-GM feeds, GrainCorp Animal Nutrition has a range of options to consider.

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