Protein Based

As protein levels in pasture change dramatically from season to season, our range of protein-based products can help supplement feeds during summer months or during other times when protein demand increases.


PKE Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE)

PKE is a by-product of the palm oil extraction process from the fruit of the palm, (2mm PKE available at some locations). PKE is a safe fed and as such can be fed ab-lib. PKE can fit into most diets and is an ideal dry matter replacement during times when dry matter may be short.


Dried Distillers Grains (DDGS) is a mid-protein feed with relatively high energy levels. DDGS is the dried residue remaining after grain starches have been fermented in the process of producing bio ethanol, in combination with yeasts and enzymes. A course dark coloured free flowing granular powder with a pleasant fermented odour which cows enjoy.


Canola Meal is a high protein feed containing approximately 36.5% crude protein. As such, Canola Meal is ideal for complementing lower protein diets, or any time additional protein is required. Canola Meal has a good amino acid profile and with a high percentage of rumen bypass protein, has repeatedly been shown to support milk production with lower amounts of protein, resulting in lower levels of milk urea nitrogen (MUN) and less waste.


Soybean Meal is a high protein, highly palatable feed. Soybean Meal is ideally suited for feeding in early spring or summer when the protein content in pasture generally decreases. When concentrated levels of protein are required, Soybean Meal is an ideal supplement to include in the diet.


Sunmeal Pellets are a non GM, protein based pellet with good palatability. This pellet is robust and has been proven as a reliable dairy feed. An ideal pellet to complement lower protein pastures, such as those often seen during summer, or at any time to help increase protein intake.


Soy Hulls are a by-product of the processing of Soybeans for oil. Soy Hulls are a good source of fibre and energy and are a safe feed which can be fed ad-lib. Soy Hulls have been proven to help lift production and minimise FEI levels.

Estimated Nutrient Analysis- Protein Options

titleCanola MealDDGSPKESoybeanMealSunmeal PelletSoy Hull Pellet
DM (%)8990-9290898991
Protein (%)3820-2817483411
ME (MJ)1311.5 - 13.511.512.51112
Fat (%)0.58551.52
NDF (%)2730 - 3567133561

* Due to ingredients being derived from natural sources, analysis can vary from those stated
* Some products may not be available in certain regions.

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GrainCorp Animal Nutrition offers a range of non-GM feed options, including molasses, high protein canola meal, high starch pellets, and fibre pellets. If you need non-GM feeds, GrainCorp Animal Nutrition has a range of options to consider.

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