What we do

Everything we do comes down to providing New Zealand’s dairy farmers with the best options for improving the performance and profitability of their herds.

No matter what choice farmers make in how they wish to feed their herds, we can provide options to complement, streamline or optimise their herd’s nutritional intake based on years of qualified research and data.


Products & Custom Blends

Our products and custom blends include fibre-based, protein-based or starch-based feeds for seasonal variation, additives to improve health or prevent illness, commodity blends, dry blends with Molasses and minerals included, liquid feeds, transition pellets to support cows in the weeks before and after calving, and calf feed.


Our network of farmers and customers look to us as trusted partners, and we work with them regularly as their feed needs change over time. We offer our customers access to a free online milk monitoring and prediction tool called Tracker™ to help dairy farmers make more informed feed and herd management decisions. We want our dairy farmers to make more milk, more profitably through producing healthier herds, and we will do what we can to help them get there.

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