What is Tracker

Tracker is a milk prediction tool which uses your weekly calving pattern and your target production for the season to give you an accurate estimation of milk flow.

Having a guide to the targeted production throughout the season helps you keep focus on what the herd should be achieving and with your actual data included you can keep track along the way.

Tracker uses your target production for the season as a guide and creates a prediction based on your calving pattern.

Analysis of your data shows where you are against prediction and nutritional tools can be used to help your decision making.

How does it work?

  • Registering a business on TrackerTM is part of the GrainCorp Feeds offer, there is no extra cost for using TrackerTM¬†
  • Fonterra suppliers can give permission through Fencepost to release the data by giving access to code 342639¬†
  • You can have as many farms as you like under your business¬†
  • If you are a supplier of OCC, Tatua Westland and Synlait you simply need to email your supplier and request 3rd Party access to TrackerTM¬†
  • Produce accurate forecasts of production each week¬†
  • Use Tracker‚ÄôsTM unique analysis tools to help you interpret the data¬†
  • Build extra modules onto TrackerTM to monitor herd movements and feed use. EASY TO SET UP

Tracker Introduction videos

Introduction to Tracker

Tune in to hear our Technical Support Manager, Ken Winter, give a short introduction on Tracker.

Tracker Overview

Ken Winter, Technical Support Manager at GrainCorp Feeds, cover some more helpful aspects of Tracker.

How to get more from your Tracker programme

Ken Winter continues to explain our milk monitoring and feed management tool, Tracker.

Feed Management

GrainCorp Feeds Technical Support Manager, explains how Tracker can help with day to day decisions around feeding