A shared passion.
June 03, 2024

GrainCorp Animal Nutrition New Zealand is excited to announce the commencement of a strategic partnership with ProviCo Rural. ProviCo Rural are manufacturers of a range of high-quality milk replacers, for calves, kids, and lambs, marketed under the ProfeLAC brand. 

The partnership sees GrainCorp become the exclusive importer and distributor of the ProviCo range of milk replacers, nationwide. 

GrainCorp Animal Nutrition NZ general manager Daniel Calcinai says that ‘our focus is offering high-quality nutrition solutions for diary farms across New Zealand. ProviCo shares a similar philosophy and adding the ProfeLAC range of milk replacers to our portfolio, was an easy decision. The ProfeLAC range complements GrainCorps existing range of calf meals and pellets and includes options for dairy, beef, kids, and lambs”. 

ProviCo Rural’s Executive Director, Andrew Paterson, added, ‘ProviCo highly values the partnership and opportunity with GrainCorp to support and enhance best practices in Calf Rearing within New Zealand. Leveraging over 20+ years of market-leading success in Australia, we are thrilled to share our industry knowledge and expertise with New Zealand, delivering better animal health solutions.’

The two companies have a shared vision and are focused on improving productivity and profitability on farms across the country, with a solution for every farm situation. 

In the field, the ProfeLAC range will be strongly supported with GrainCorps existing network of regional feed partners. In addition, ProviCo has appointed an experienced young ruminant specialist, Jaco Neven, as country manager. Jaco has spent many years of working in the young animal health and nutrition sector. He has led and supported the launch and business development of integrated animal nutrition products in New Zealand, Africa, and Australia. He has a wealth of experience and a clear commitment to deliver better animal health and productivity gains for farmers in New Zealand. 

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