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Transitioning Cows
July 03, 2023

Getting cows up to peak milk as high as you can in the shortest possible time while losing the least amount of body condition, literally sets the potential for your whole season.

Grass is our cheapest feed but also one of the biggest limiting factors due to its ever changing nutrient density, dry matter %, sugar levels, ME and digestibility. 

Weather conditions play a huge role in what pastures can offer from a nutrient aspect and this is totally out of our control. This makes it one of our biggest challenges especially if grass makes up 80% or more of the diet.

One area we do have control over however, is the cows ability to efficiently convert feed into milk.

This all comes back to how well we “TRANSITION” cows from a “Dry Cow Diet” to a ‘“Milking Cow Ration”

To do this we need to stimulate appetite and prepare the cow’s rumen so the cow can harvest more grass and convert what grass we have more efficiently as soon as she calves.

Good transitioning is all about avoiding metabolic issues and restricting body condition loss to a minimum, both pre and post calving, and is all about setting the cow and the farm up for success.

Now is the perfect time to take a serious look at how you can better transition cows this spring.

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